Jessi Kaur

August 19, 2020

Sikh Speakers, Speakers Bureau

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Title and Affiliation: Kaur Foundation, Board Member, Chardikalaa Foundation Board

Topics of interest: Spiritual Dialog, Oneness, Women's Issues

●Jessi Kaur, a TEDX speaker has written three children’s books that are used as enrichment literature in public schools in the US, UK and Canada. Her new book Home of the Beloved , an expose of fifty core concepts of Sri Guru Granth Sahib will be released soon. Her essays on Sikhi and contemporary issues have been published in online and print journals. She has delivered workshops at international conferences, youth retreats, and has been invited to speak at the Parliament of World’s Religions several times. She has been featured in TV shows and award-winning documentaries. She produced a multicultural children’s musical based on one of her books, The Royal Falcon. She was the Co-Founder of International Institute of Gurmat Studies, founded IGS Now, and has been on the board of Kaur Foundation since its inception. She is a Talent Acquisition Consultant in Silicon Valley. Prior to moving to the US, she taught English Literature at Delhi University.

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